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WhatsApp New Update : Delete Message feature coming soon

Whatsapp Delete messages feature
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WhatsApp launched several useful features in India last year. In 2020, WhatsApp is going to go even bigger as the instant messaging platform plans to bring the most awaited Dark mode to users. Dark mode is being testing for a long time now. In addition to Dark mode, WhatsApp will also bring a feature that won’t make users very happy. It’s the Status ads feature. Yes, WhatsApp will soon start showing ads to users.

As we reported previously, the ads will b visible in the Status bar of WhatsApp. We will see these features come to users in the upcoming days. Another very important feature that WhatsApp will bring to users is ‘Delete Message’.

WhatsApp may soon roll out the iOS beta version of its much-awaited disappearing messages feature

According to a report coming from WABetaInfo, a blog that tracks WhatsApp developments, the latest iOS beta version brings the most talked about ‘Delete Message’ feature with it. The same ‘Delete Message’ feature was previously spotted on Android beta.

Previously, the blog revealed that the ‘Delete Message’ feature works only for groups and not private chats. The feature gives more power to group admins as it allows them to gets a message sent on the group deleted. A Delete for Everyone feature is already available for private chats.


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The ‘Delete Message’ feature, as the name suggests, allows group admins to set a particular time after which the selected message will be deleted automatically. Unlike the Delete for Everyone feature this one doesn’t leave a mark of the deleted message. The Delete for Everyone feature leave behind “this message has been deleted” message.

The latest blog post by WABetaInfo reveals an interesting fact about the ‘Delete Message’ feature. It says that the new ‘Delete Message’ feature will also work as a “cleaning tool” for group WhatsApp chats. This suggests that this new feature will allow group admins to delete a message after a certain period of time and also clean or manage storage space.

The blog noted, “Groups have usually a lot of messages and this feature could help to save your phone storage, deleting old messages automatically (only administrators will be able to enable/disable it).”

How will the Delete Message feature for Groups work?

The blog reveals, once its available, the ‘Delete Message’ feature will come with a toggle on and off option. The Group admins will be able to choose the option (on or off) as per their requirement.

To use the feature group admin will need to choose a particular time interval for the messages to automatically delete.

The blog post notes that the feature will bring five options to choose from: one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year. Admins will not be able to set a time themselves.

On the basis of the option selected by admin the chosen message will be deleted automatically. The deleted message will have no backup left.

It should be noted that the ‘Delete Message’ feature is yet to be rolled out officially to users but now that it is being testing in iOS beta we can expect the feature to be available very soon. WhatsApp is yet to reveal the date when the ‘Delete Message’ feature will be introduced.



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