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Top 10 Dating App in india 2019

Top 10 Best Dating Apps in India
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Dating apps in india 2019:The term dating is not a new word for Indians today. We know what it is, how it starts and where it’s heading in a relationship.Finding your better half can be a herculean task in todays times, made all the more difficult by meddling relatives, over enthusiastic friends.

There is constant pressure to settle down, have kids etc. So, chill down and use this list of Top 10 Best Dating Apps in India to get free dates with beautiful people across your town.

Here are the the best dating apps in India to help you on your way to finding true love or just a free date.

10 Best Dating Apps in India 2019

Let’s see some of the best dating apps in India.

1. Tinder


Best Dating Apps in India to get free dates

Tinder has completely revolutionized the online dating scenario. The unprecedented acceptance for Tinder paved the way for other rival platforms to get on board with dating app development. Tinder has expanded its empire by setting its foot in the Indian market.

It is The online dating app in India. It claims to have up to 20 billion matches to date and matches about 26 million people daily.

2. Happn

Best Dating Apps in India 2019 for Free

Happn takes the idea of chance encounters to a whole new level. Has your heart skipped a beat when you noticed someone across the street? You wished nothing more than to go strike a conversation with them

3. Badoo

10 Best Dating Apps in India


Believe it or not, Badoo has the most extensive user base in dating apps with a presence in more than 190 countries. It’s even more significant than Tinder itself.

Badoo is one of the best dating apps in India. Like many other dating apps, it also has a simple swipe function to vote profiles even offline. Badoo also helps you find your perfect match through your mutual friends and lets you see if there are people who have crossed your path.

4. Grindr

Best Dating Apps In India

An inspired online dating app. Who says love is for straight people only? Everyone should have a shot at finding love regardless of their sexual orientation. Grindr is a dating app for the LBGTQ community. Whether you are gay, lesbian, trans or queer you are celebrated on Grindr. Regardless of where you land on the sexual spectrum, you will find a place for yourself on Grindr. Finding love for straight people is easy but finding love for such a diverse group of individuals with such varying tastes. Grindr should be applauded for bringing the LGBTQ community into the mainstream. After all, what’s more, mainstream than finding potential partners on the internet.

5. Azar

online dating app in India

Azar has a unique way to eliminate these deceptive activities by focusing on a video chat-based matchmaking approach. So imposters can no longer pose a threat as users demand live video conversations.

The video chatting based dating approach makes the process of wooing very organic and lively. So before actually meeting the match in person, you can hit it off with your match face to face and then decide your next moves.

6. Trulymadly

best dating apps in India

Trulymadly is a genuinely indigenous dating app targeted at Indians. They are arguably one of the best dating apps in India, with more than 50 million users.

If you are a single Indian male or female looking for a life partner with similar views and thoughts, don’t waste your time, get on trulymadly app.

Trulymadly’s trust score system is an effective way to ensure the authenticity of the profiles. It asks you multiple verifications like ID proof, facebook, or LinkedIn links. More credentials mean more trust scores.

7. Bumble

Dating App in india 2019

India’s female population is found to be the reason behind the rapid popularity of dating apps in India.

That being said, In Indian culture generally, the male partner used to make the first move in the wooing process. But the tables have turned now. Women are more liberated and empowered now. They make their own decisions.

Bumble operates based on the idea of women’s empowerment. Women have the upper hand in making the first move, then the men respond to it. The rest is the same. Bumble is not only merely for dating purposes, but we can also find like-minded friends via bumble as well.


Best Dating Apps in India 2019

OkCupid is one of the top-grossing dating apps in India. They claim to provide a more personalized match finding experience for users.

OkCupid asks you relevant, pertinent questions to get a real sense of who you truly are and then matches you with like-minded people. The odds of you finding “The One” on OkCupid are significantly greater.



Best Dating Apps in India 2019

Woo is also another top dating app India that focuses on the idea of putting women first. Women have more power in terms of choosing a partner. Rather than sticking to casual dating and meaningless hookup, Woo focuses on finding matches with long term commitments.

10. Aisle

Best Dating Apps in India 2019

Aisle is another Indian based dating app mainly aimed at urban or professional Indian audiences. Aisle balances both traditional marriage values and modern dating pretty well.

Once you login to the app by using your Facebook or LinkedIn account, you’ll be asked to answer some basic questions. And the app quickly understands your types and finds suitable matches for you.

The app has a free version.



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