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Phone tracking company, “Securus” has reportedly already been hacked

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Do you know the big phone tracking company Securus you know, that company that lets cops allegedly track any phone in the United States in real time with what amounts to a “pinky promise,” according to Sen. Ron Wyden — has already been hacked.

According to Motherboard, the hacker was able to get away with — at a minimum — a spreadsheet containing 2,800 logins and poorly encrypted passwords, some of which had already been cracked. Motherboard says it tested a number of logins to corroborate the hacker’s story.

We can’t independently confirm the story ourselves yet, and it’s not clear if these particular logins would allow hackers to track phones. Securus provides other services beyond phone tracking, according to its website.

Securus didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


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