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OmniCharge’s new power pack sports a swappable 40,300 mAh battery

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Depending on your portable power needs and propensity for lower-back pain, the Omni Ultimate is either a godsend or something wholly ridiculous.

The new power pack from L.A.-based Omnicharge has certainly charged up its fans, however, having raised north of $1 million on Indiegogo — nearly 2,000 percent of its initial goal.

The Ultimate appears to live up to its name, with a 40,300 mAh battery that’s swappable, so you’re never out of juice. It’s got an AC outlet, two full-size USB ports, one USB-C and DC in/out.

It’s also, as you’d expect, a downright beast of thing and could probably serve as a weapon in a pinch. Fittingly, you probably won’t be able to take it on a plane with with you. It’s not cheap, either, at $350 for early backers and $399 for those who pick it up, standard retail.

The extra batteries, meanwhile, run $150 a pop. It’s shipping now for early backers and could be a lifesaver for long outdoorsy trips.

The company’s also releasing a trio of far more portable OmniMobile chargers ranging from 3,000 to 26,800 mAh, the latter of which is the upper threshold for flights here in the States.

There’s also a Pro mobile that sports Wireless charging. Those hit Indiegogo later this month and will start shipping in March.

OmniCharge is also bringing wireless and USB C to its flagship Omni 20 in mid-February.

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