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Mophie introduced its new series of power banks

Mophie power banks
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Mophie introduced its new series of power banks called Powerstation. It has four models, priced between $60 and $100, with a charge up to 10,000mAh and built-in Lightning cable in two of them. It also has a Lightning input, USB-A output and comes in various neat colors.

There is, unsurprisingly, an LED power indicator that tells you how much charge is left when you press a little button. Mophie also boasts about the triple-test certified lithium-polymer batteries that “ensure peak performance and safe operation.” The power banks have Priority+ Charging which first prioritizes the charging of a device and then follows through with actually topping up the Powerstation.

Specs-wise, all four devices charge with up to 10W. While the most basic Powerstation is 152 grams, the top-tier 10,000 mAh Lightning-included Powerstation plus XL weighs 260 grams. The power banks share the same design and are similar in size, with height ranging from 119 to 140 mm, making them extremely portable.

Aside from Mophie’s own webside, the Powerstation series is exclusive to the Apple Store, both offline and online.

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