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How digital marketing helped this restaurant connect with millennials

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Now a day everything is an online , if you have restaurant or any other retail shop then you must put on online, Because everything is a digital. when you want grow your business then Digital market can help you for growing your business.

Millennials in Asia Pacific are expected to have an estimated US$6 trillion in disposable income by 2020, says a 2016 report by research consultancy firm Accenture. Couple that high spending power with the fact that millennials represent more than 45 percent of the region’s population, then it’s no wonder that businesses are rethinking how they can capture this age group.

Terry Goh, director of the Malaysian branch of KyoChon, the fried chicken chain that hails from Korea, says the way to go is social media and digital marketing.

“There is no other way to see it. Traditional marketing just doesn’t work anymore,” he points out.

Gaining a following

Goh took on his role at KyoChon Malaysia in 2014. He says that even back then, the plan was to use digital marketing because the restaurant chain “didn’t have the funds for marketing on print, TV, and radio.”

“We used Facebook at launch,” he shares. “We also had an Instagram account, but for the first couple of years, it only had about 1,000 followers.”

In 2015, customers started tagging the restaurant on their social media accounts following the success of Korean drama series My Love from the Star. The show happened to feature a scene with the female lead eating at a KyoChon outlet in Korea.

“There were people tagging us online that we didn’t even know, and that just kept growing,” adds Goh. “KyoChon just happened to be there at that right place and the right time.”

The restaurant’s target market – 18- to 34-year-olds who like Korean drama and pop music – started taking more interest in the brand, and brought along their friends and families. Even younger age groups who follow Korean pop culture were attracted to KyoChon.

“When we first started, we probably served about 8,000 to 9,000 customers a month in our first outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Centre,” recounts Goh. KyoChon now has seven branches in Malaysia, serving “more than 100,000 customers a month, with an average of 2,800 customers a day and 4,800 on weekends.”

Understanding the science behind the execution

Despite the surge in the chain’s online following, Goh realized that his knowledge of digital marketing wasn’t enough. That’s why he searched for a course or program that focuses on the science behind what he was already implementing at work.

“While there were successes in KyoChon Malaysia’s social media, there were times when I found it difficult to provide clear instructions and feedback to our digital agency as I did not fully understand the right terminologies and levers to pull,” he observes. “I wanted to get more insights into how brand marketers think, how they execute campaigns, and why things work the way they do.”

He likened his situation to someone learning how to cook a burger patty. “People who flip a burger patty just because they’re told, ‘Flip the patty after one minute,’ or ‘Two minutes later do this, do that,’ can do it, but they don’t understand the science or reason why they’re doing it.”

As Goh notes, “I’d been doing marketing for some time and seeing other people do it, but I needed something to supplement that that’s backed by science.”

This led Goh to enroll in the strategic digital marketing program offered by UpGrad. The online higher education platform developed the course in conjunction with Cambridge Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge.

“I saw the syllabus and it was really in-depth,” he recalls, comparing UpGrad’s four-month program to others – some of which take place over three days.

“I don’t think you can consider yourself an expert in digital marketing after only three days,” he says.

He adds that UpGrad also provides students with videos that they can play over and over again, as well as “summarized notes and quizzes to reinforce their knowledge.”

Beyond establishing a social media presence

With over 160,000 followers on Facebook and 24,000 followers on Instagram at present, KyoChon Malaysia’s social media presence has definitely grown. Instead of merely celebrating this improvement, Goh has made an effort to analyze why some of the brand’s campaigns worked better than others – a key lesson he learned from UpGrad’s digital marketing program.

“If we see one post with 100 engagements and another post with 300 engagements, we find out if it’s an issue of the timing of the post, the visual direction, or the copy,” he says. “This way we learn what our audience is like and what type of posts they want to see.”

This led the team to notice that the style that works for their Instagram and Facebook visuals are very different.

“Our Instagram visual style is very lifestyle-oriented with classy, stylized shots, and no copy or text,” says Goh. But for Facebook, KyoChon Malaysia uses product shots, which tend to be accompanied by text and clever copywriting.

He thinks that this is because “Facebook is used as a platform for sharing important news such as relationship updates and upcoming plans, whereas Instagram is less about conversation and more about sharing inspirations and ideas.”

Another thing that Goh hopes to take away from the course is how he can refine his company’s search engine optimization and management. This is one of the other aspects of digital marketing that students learn at the program, along with email marketing, display ads, and agency management.

“I really did not know what the impact of searches were earlier on because we kept appearing at the top of the page whenever people did a search for ‘Korean fried chicken in Malaysia,’” he says. “With many Korean fried chicken challengers coming into Malaysia, I definitely think we should look into how to stay ahead, and search engine optimization and management is one of those areas.”

An online education provider focused on forward-looking skills, UpGrad offers a four-month online executive program in strategic digital marketing in collaboration with University of Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.

The comprehensive course is taught by Cambridge faculty and industry veterans to help students master digital marketing tools that are widely used by marketers, achieve tangible career impact through one-on-one industry mentorship sessions, and network with coursemates at offline basecamp events.

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