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Apple’s self-driving car fleet grows to 55 in California

Apple self driving car
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Apple self-driving car

Apple now has 55 self-using vehicles registered with the DMV, in comparison to 27 in advance this 12 months and just three ultimate 12 months. which means apple has the second biggest fleet of self-riding cars in California.

Apple now has greater cars registered than waymo, which has 51, according to the department of motor motors. General Motor’s Cruise, but, leads the p.c. with 104 automobiles. in total, the DMV has supplied self-driving vehicle permits with safety drivers to fifty three businesses, resulting in a complete of 409 motors and 1,573 safety drivers.

Apple self driving car

Here’s a quick overview of where some of the autonomous driving leaders stand in terms of registered cars:

  • General Motor’s Cruise: 104
  • Apple: 55
  • Waymo: 51
  • Tesla: 39
  • 14
  • Toyota: 11
  • NVIDIA: 8
  • Lyft: 4
  • Aurora: 4
  • Voyage: 3
  • Didi: 1


Number of safety drivers approved:


  • Apple: 83
  • Waymo: 338
  • GM Cruise: 407

To be clear, the companies listed above only have permits to test self-driving cars with safety drivers on board. As of now, the DMV has not issued any permits for complete driverless testing. In order to conduct driverless testing, companies must have previously tested the vehicles in controlled conditions. The vehicles must also, among many other things, meet the definition of an SAE Level 4 or 5 vehicle. The DMV is currently reviewing two driverless testing permit applications, a DMV spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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